Application for Eiffel scholarship Master 2024


- Form to be sent before 30 November 2023

- Documents to join with Eiffel scholarship application

1. Your CV in French or in English, up to 2 pages:

  • Give the most significant details regarding your professional experience: job title, company name, dates, shortlist of your responsibilities.
  • For the academic background part: write clearly degree titles, university name and dates.

Mention all your academic achievements: i.e. Bachelor degree in which specialization, date of graduation, honors (good, very good, excellent …), GPA, class ranking if any (outstanding student top 3 out of 200 students...).

Please save the CV in word version so that we could correct for you if necessary, under the title: CV_Master_Firstname_FAMILYNAME.doc or .docx

2. Academic distinctions, ranking: provide any written evidence of outstanding academic achievements such as a positioning/ranking in your cohort with the total number of students in the cohort, a distinction you received for high academic performance in one or several disciplines, academic prizes, a scholarship based on merit and/or academic performance...

Please save all the evidences of academic distinction in 1 single PDF version under the title:

Academic distinction_Master_Firstname_FAMILYNAME.pdf

3. Your professional project: written in French if your level of French enables you to do so. If not in English, 1 or 2 pages’ long.

  • Why you chose to study in France at “Le Cnam”. How coherent/relevant it is with your previous studies and your professional aspirations.
  • Describe your professional project (give details and examples). Try to show that you have already made some research about it or have previous professional experience.
  • How the chosen specialization could help you to achieve your career plan? (contents of the program, international environment…).
  • If you had any experience in the area in line with your professional project, please, do mention it.
  • don't hesitate to mention if you ever received positive feedbacks from an employer, line manager or academic adviser, professor...

Please save the project in word version as well, under the title: Projet_Master_Firstname_FAMILYNAME.doc or .docx

4. Academic transcripts (results, marks sheets):

Send us in a PDF version your transcripts (the 3 last years of your last degree).

Do not make photo because of the low quality of the pictures.

Please save the transcript in pdf version, under the title: Transcripts_Master_Firstname_FAMILYNAME.pdf

5. Photocopy of your passport.

Please scan the page with your photo and personal information only.

Please save your passport in pdf version, under the title: Passeport_Master_Firstname_FAMILYNAME.pdf

6. Language certificate:

Only for students who you have managed to complete a language certificate in French and/or English before the application.

Please save the test results in pdf version, under the title: Language FR or Eng_Master_Firstname_FAMILYNAME.pdf